Weighing pans

Weighing pans PSA

Cat.No.DesignationVolume mlMaterialDim. mmAntistaticbag/crt
174112 Weighing pan 10 ml PSA 41x41 mm  No 500
178912 Weighing pan 90 ml PSA 89x89 mm  No 500
171412 Weighing pan 270 ml PSA 140x140 mm  No 500

Weighing pans, antistatic

  • Avoids the retention of powders by static electricity
  • Raw material modified to significantly reduce the charge relaxation time in comparison to standard weigh boats. Majority of electrostatic charge dissipates within seconds when earthed on the balance pan.
  • Ideal for use with fine powders, eg talcum powder
Cat.No.DesignationVolume mlMaterialDim. mmAntistaticbag/crt
30321 Weighing pan 7 ml PS  44x44 mm Yes 250/1000
30324 Weighing pan 100 ml PS 80x80 mm Yes 250/1000
30327 Weighing pan 250 ml PS 140x140 mm Yes 250/1000