Scintillation vials

Vials made of polypropylene, with lid made of high density polyethylene.

This shoulderless vial has a full width opening of 23 mm for easy access. The glass has a high degree of resistance to organic solvents and sufficient translucency so that reagent level or presence of filter paper is easily detected. The unique thread design allows for easy sealing, and opens with a simple 1/4 turn. The quality of the sealing system means that it is not necessary to tighten the lid with much pressure to obtain a leakproof seal. The polyethylene lid can not be autoclaved.

Cat.No.DesignationVolume mlSizeBag


S220 Scintillation vial bulk 20 26 x 61 mm Bulk 500 pcs/crt
S220-1 Scintillation vial tray 20 26 x 61 mm Tray/100 500 pcs/crt