A Petridish (alternatively known as a Petriplate or cell-culture dish), named after the German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri, is a shallow cylindrical glass or plastic lidded dish that biologists use to culturecells – such as bacteria – or small mosses.

Petridishes are often used to make agar plates for microbiology studies. The dish is partially filled with warm liquid containing agar and a mixture of specific ingredients that may include nutrients, blood, salts,carbohydrates, dyes, indicators, amino acids or antibiotics. Once the agar cools and solidifies, the dish is ready to be inoculated ("plated") with a microbe-laden sample. Virus or phage cultures require a two-stage inoculation: after the agar preparation, bacteria are grown in the dish to provide hosts for the viral inoculum.

Petri plates are incubated upside-down to lessen the risk of contamination from airborne particles settling on them and to prevent the accumulation of any water condensation that may otherwise disturb or compromise a culture.

Petri dishes are also used for eukaryotic cell culture in a liquid medium or on solid agar. Empty Petri dishes may be used to observe plant germination, the behavior of very small animals or for other day-to-day laboratory practices such as drying fluids in an oven and carrying or storing samples. Their transparency and flat profile also mean they are commonly used as temporary receptacles for viewing samples, especially liquids, under a low-power microscope.

Cat.No. DesignationRibsDim. mm Material Qualitybag/crt
1064 Petridish 50 mm clear 3 50 X 15 PS AS 10/1200
1065 Petridish 90 mm clear 3 90 X 15 PS AS 20/480
1066 Petridish 90 mm clear 0 90 X 15 PS AS 20/480
1067 Petridish 90 mm blue 3 90 X 15 PS AS 20/480
1068 Petridish 90 mm yellow 3 90 X 15 PS AS 20/480
1069 Petridish 90 mm red 3 90 X 15 PS AS 20/480
1070 Petridish 90 mm green 3 90 X 15 PS AS 20/480
1071 Petridish 90 mm purple 3 90 X 15 PS AS 20/480
1072 Petridish 90 mm black 3 90 X 15 PS AS 20/480
1075 Petridish 140 mm clear 3 140 X 15 PS AS 8/176
1080 Contact plate 55 mm clear 3 55 X 15 PS AS 10/560