PCR foil/film

SecureSealTM Thermal Adhesive Sealing Film

This transparent sealing tape comprises a 2.0 mil polyolefin film coated on one side with a pressure sensitive adhesive which does not disturb cycle reactions.
It is ideal to reduce well-to-well contamination and / or contagion effects in sensitive PCR applications where minimizing evaporation and vapor loss is critical.
SecureSealTM Thermal Film was developed with help from a large produsentcycler for PCR applications.
Not only does it offer low auto fluorescence, but it will prevent vapor loss and withstands heat functional from -70 ° C to + 95 ° C.
Certified RNase, DNAse and DNA-free. DMSO resistant.

T329-1 Transparent No 1000/crt
T329-2 Transparent Yes 1000/crt

SecureSealTM Aluminium Sealing Foil

This type of material is ideal for manual sealing at PCR work and also for high throughput.
The adhesive on the back makes it easy to search.
Resists temperatures from -86oC to + 95 ° C.
It is recommended to use AmplateTM Roller (T329-9) to ensure a perfect seal that eliminates the dangers of evaporation.
Permeable to a pipette tip for easy access to the sample.
Certified RNAse, DNAse and DNA-free. DMSO resistant.

T329-5 Universal sealing foil, adhesive Al 1000/crt

AmplateTM Roller

To ensure a perfect seal when using either SecureSealTM or Thermal sealing foil on PCR plates.
Roller is made of medium-hard rubber. "Heavy duty" handle with comfortable grip to reduce fatigue. Long lasting.

T329-9 AmplateTM Roller 10,16 cm -

AmplateTM Mat

Flexible cover made of Sant shouts.
Use the 96-hole plates and has proven to be a safe and effective way to seal off.
Since it is reusable, it is a great way to do this step in the procedure cost effectively.
The pits on one side of the mat ensures that it is well placed over the tubes.

T329-10 AmplateTM Mat Blue 5 pcsk/crt

Cover Film for Microtiter plates and PCR plates

Cover Film and film dispenser.

6018610 Polyethylene peeling cover film PE 100/crt
6018611 Aluminium universal cover film Al 100/crt
6018612 Polypropylene peeling cover film PP 100/crt
6018613 Film dispenser - -