Microscope slides

A microscope slide is a thin flat piece of glass, used to hold objects for examination under a microscope.

Typically the object is placed or secured ("mounted") on the slide, and then both are inserted together in the microscope for viewing. This arrangement allows several slide-mounted objects to be quickly inserted and removed from the microscope, labeled, transported, and stored in appropriate slide cases or folders.

Microscope slides are often used together with a cover slip or cover glass, a smaller and thinner sheet of glass that is placed over the specimen. Slides are held in place on the microscope's stage by slide clips, slide clamps or a cross-table which is used to achieve precise, remote movement of the slide upon the microscope's stage (such as in an automated / computer operated system, or where touching the slide with fingers is inappropriate either due to the risk of contamination or lack of precision).

"Assistant" slides SuperFrost

  • Color coding system for medical and scientific laboratories. The system is simple to make and easy to read.
  • Available in six different colored ends: White, blue, pink, yellow, green and orange. The coating is resistant to all common solvents.
Cat.No. DesignationPackaging
2408 Slide, Superfrost, cut edges 50 pcs/crt
2409 Slide, Superfrost, ground edges 50 pcs/crt
2409/1 Slide, Superfrost/Plus, ground edges w/ colour coded label, white 72 pcs/crt