Biotube systems

Biotubes are ideal for HTLV-III testing, bacterial and hybridoma cell uptake studies, cell harvesting, pharmaceutical quality control, receptor binding assays, RIA and EIA. 

Tubes are made of autoclavable polypropylene and are available either individually or in strips of 8 or 12 detachable tubes. Tubes have a gross volume of 1.2 ml but with a cap in place, they will hold 1.1 ml. Caps are made of polyethylene and are not autoclavable.

They are available individually and also in strips of 8 or 12. For procedures requiring low surface tension such as protein and nucleic acid work, Simport® has developed a special tube (see T100-20LST) using a type of polypropylene specifically designed to avoid potentially harmful lubricants while minimizing liquid retention. T100-20 can be centrifuged up to 2000g.

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